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Continuing the Martin family legacy that my father Terry established over 60 years ago brings healing to my heart and joy to my days…. Loving what I do and doing what I love, I’ve come full circle. I’m forever grateful my father showed me the love for the craft and gave me the needed training and skills to build on.

Starting at a very young age I spent quite a bit of time in and around my dad’s shaping room. My first job was as the “clean-up” kid at the old Hobie factory in Capistrano Beach. I eventually graduated from pushing a broom around to cutting out, and foiling fins. Foiling fins for me, was simply like shaping surfboards on a small scale. In the late 80’s I began shaping full time at Just Add Water Surfboards in Laguna Canyon. Soon after I started working there I was presented with an opportunity to shape several hundred identical boards for a display in JC Penny stores. I was to be paid half of what I’d make for shaping any other boards at the time. I remember my dad telling me this was a great chance for me to hone in my production skills. I chose to accept the offer. The boards were to be hand shaped. There were no computer shaping programs or CNC shaping machines at the time. I look back today and think about what a privilege it was to have had that opportunity. Systems and methods developed back then are second nature, muscle memory today. I have a special love for the hand shaped surfboard and choose to continue in this traditional craft. For me, it is a joy to jump into my shaping room and create functional pieces of art each and every day. I look forward to building one for you! If I may quote my dad, “I aim to make people happy in the water”. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paddle fast, catch waves with ease and rides like it’s on rails. Superb hold and drive through turns. Goes like lickety split my dad would say. A proven Terry Martin design hand crafted from start to finish by me. First quality US Blanks Polyurethane foam. Semi opaque resin tinted double 4oz. deck with a single 4oz bottom. 100% Resin Research epoxy resin hand sanded to 320 grit. Future fin boxes and comes with Rainbow Fins speed dailer set pictured. Resin leash loop.  5’5 x 20 3/4 x 2 1/4

This little board is one of the most addictive recreations with its wide center point, wide swallow tail and glassed on keel fins this board will fly under your feet & have you hooked by the first wave.


“Go Ahead” and “just build me a super fun board that will fit in my car top Yakima rocket box” my buddy Cooper says when ordering a board a while back. The Go Ahead is a great high performance noserider template I’ve got with just a bunch missing out of the middle. Cheater fives, catching all the waves, short board performance like off the tail and having it with you all the time is where it’s at. Perfect in the 7’2-7’10 size range. Can fine tune for Single, 2+1 and thruster fin set ups.
Price above is for a polyurethane 7’6 clear sand finish, single stringer 2+1 set up with drill box leash loop. Go ahead, order it!
Contact me for specific pricing on the many other options available for this model.

Travelette: A female traveler who isn’t afraid to jump out into the unknown world, experience new cultures, do it alone, and have a blast! She can flashpack in fancy places and backpack on a shoestring, she can beach bum or take on huge mountains, she is strong and kind, and always up for a laugh! 

Rachael Tilly’s go to singlefin log. Dimensioned, designed and foiled for the female surfer but I hear the guys really like this model too! A bit more tail rocker than the Econoline providing for quicker tail turns and even more hold when noseriding.
Price above is for a standard polyurethane 9’2 gloss finish, single color resin tint with one stringer, fin box and leash drill box loop. Contact me for specific pricing on the many other options available for this model.



Classic all around log with a balanced outline and a low rocker. Named after the family car (van) I grew up with. A 1970 Ford E200. I learned. to drive in it. My dad put points, rotors and distributer caps in it but never saw him change the oil. it leaked plenty of oil and his theory was it was always fresh enough as he had to add a quart every few days. he put 345,000 miles on old blue. favorite claim in the end was that he drove it to the moon and halfway back! (that van) did everything really well and so does this board model. You can learn on it, doesn’t need any maintenance other than wax, will easily catch 345,000 waves and will make you feel over the moon ?   

Price above is for a standard polyurethane 9’6 gloss finish, single color resin tint with one stringer, fin box and leash drill box loop. Contact me for specific pricing on the many other options available for this model.

This is the model Rachael won the 2015 world title on. Wins titles under the right feet. Watch her surf to see what this board is capable of.
Price above is for a 9’2″ eps/epoxy constructed board with colored polyurethane foam/wood stringer setup like Rachael uses. Board is clear sand finished with a single box and drill box leash loop. 


The Terry Slide is a classic double ender (the nose and the tal have the same width), it is the mythical model of Terry Martin: “The Legacy”.
The Terry Slide is fluid, fast and effortless. This is the perfect board for trim lovers.

New design of the modern Munoz model with deep center Tunnel concave nose and fancy bottom contour, smooth turning and noseriding Mongoose style.
A beautifull board with the blessing of « Uncle Munoz ».
Dimesions types 9’4 to 10′ x 23 1/4” x 3”  // Nose 18 ½ & Tail 15 1’/2

The Hot Curl was the first of 80 thousand surfboards that Josh’s father shaped, and it’s also a design that offers surfers a chance to ride waves in a way that modern design has forgotten.
It’s a complete displacement hull, so the board cradles in the water. Rather than planing on the surface, it sits in the water like a boat and taps into energy under the wave that normal surfboards plane across. It’s the energy that a dolphin or a seal rides, just below the surface of the wave.
Basically, the same water that initiates at the nose follows the length of the rail line until releasing straight off the tail. The ride feels very loose, but very secure at the same time.
Because of the size and weight of the board, it’s usually best to avoid crowds. The boards go incredibly fast and thrive on the open face. They work best in good quality waves, but I’ve been working on slight modifications that will allow them to work in mediocre conditions
LENGTH: 10′  x WIDTH: 22 1/2″  x THICKNESS: 3 1/8″
NOSE WIDTH: 15 3/4″  | TAIL WIDTH: 11 3/4″

Who is Jane?!? I think Austin describes her best:
​”Jane rolls deep off the bottom with an explosive pop. Driving, middle-of-the-board bottom turns are activated by the gently balanced, yet accentuated hips in the back third of the board, which surpass the fin as the quintessential pivot point. Initiating turns by intentionally driving from the hips, rather than pivoting off the fin, transforms Jane’s rail work into a wave, rhythm, heart and soul performance. While the rolled v, refined traditional rails, and a mellow, custom reverse rocker compliment Jane’s flowy, springy, wild and free trim, glide and ride persona. Her concave and reverse rocker, near zero on the nose with a gentle tail click, creates a weightless planning sensation conducive to friction free, in the pocket nose riding. Once on the nose, Jane’s pontoon-like concave, an intentionally crafted edge for maneuverable direction changing, gifts the rider the control and freedom necessary to adjust and adhere to the ever-changing conditions of sandy beach, reef, and shifty point break waves.
​Jane came into being because I love traditional nose riding but dislike the constraints and binding free will death sentences that, unless in pristine conditions, thick, heavy, log’s carry. I grew up surfing waves where, when breaking properly, heavy logs simply weren’t functional. I wanted to nose ride but I also wanted to ride the wave, send high trim lines, carve deep into the flats and bounce off the top.
“The Free Jane”
She’s that beauty we’re always searching for,
Paddle to the horizon for,
Drive up the coast for,
Breath for. She’s what we remember.
Based on the freedom, glide, flow, stability, confidence, passion, eccentricity, tranquility and wanderlust I (we) find and ride waves for.”
– Austin Sonnier



Rachael Tilly

Rachael Tilly started impressing people early, racking up trophy after trophy for her longboarding talent. As her dad recalls, it was surf contests instead of soccer games for the family early on. Rachael realized the ultimate goal of all that hard work when she claimed the 2015 Longboard World Title in Hainan, China. But even as Tilly has distinguished herself above and beyond in the lineup, it was her education in the shaping bay that helped shape her career. Growing up, she caught the eye of my father Terry Martin, who took her under his wing and began not only to shape boards for Tilly, but to teach her about the craft. Rachael is a best friend and continues to work close with me to build and maintain a quiver of ever evolving highly tuned surfcraft. I love you Rachael!


Austin Sonnier

Austin Sonnier is an adventurer at heart and scholar by necessity. When not in class as a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara he can be found surfing anywhere on any type of surfcraft or traveling about internationally on mission trips. He loves people and aims to use his many talents to inspire others. In doing so he inspires me in the pursuit of developing the surfer-shaper relationship. Love you Austin!


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